Valley View Apartments - Maitenance Service Review from Sun City, California


Literally the worst place to live ever! The manager 'Chris' is beyond rude.

Sits in the office half the time doing absolutely nothing. Doesn't answer the phone, doesn't return phone calls. She literally gets paid to take smoke breaks all day with the maintenance guy and his crew of tweakers. They don't know how to fix ANYTHING!

They don't notify anyone when the mail boxes repeatedly get broken into. Chris is literally the most terrible person, she got jumped here last year.. If you ever speak to her, it won't be a surprise to you either. She most definitely deserved it.

I'm just surprised she's still just as *** after.

These people do not care about their tenants. It looks like all they care about is their crack that they sit around and smoke all day.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Valley View Apartments - Valleyview apts sun city calif


these apartments are straight out of the twilight zone the people that run this place are the most lazy and rudest people lets start with the mattience man and his two live crew first of all he is a major pediaphile and he stares at little girls stalks the single women he could not fix anything to save his life sitting around eating fast food smoking and b.s with his crew and the manager while people are living among broken *** ! in there apartments the rats and roaches are coming in and they are not even taking care of

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Valley View Apartments - Valley view villiage apts sun city calif

Not resolved

This Apt complex is a piece of *** glued together with Duct Tape! The maintenance man is the laziest S.O.B.

there ever was, he doesn't fix a *** thing,He makes his assistants do his work and he just "monitor's" Them acting if he's doing the real work. We live in Cheap crumbling apt where Rats and Roaches have taken a new home. The Manager is so rude.

She never greets but chews ears off and tells us to get back on our row like were Convicts! Rating: 1 and half out of five stars period.

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In California you can even sue the manager in Small Claim Court (Superior Court)

The manager is the company's legal agent

If you sue the manager, first send a certified letter to inform the manager of all the problems

Always take and keep photos as proof

You can file the complaint online and the fee is $45.00 and up

But first, file a complaint on the Housing Department


Reply to Kaliforll, valley view village apts sun city calif -

All what you have to do is file a complaint with the Housing Department

Office all over California and in every city

Take photos on everything as proof

If others tenants will also file a complaint on the same problem, that will put the landlord in big trouble and in some cases even go to jail

Do it wright away!

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